About Me & This Blog

I created this blog when I got home from a walk and thought, Golly, wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of all the triggers we run into and whether we have a good or bad experience, so I can look back and see that what I thought I did really wasn’t what I did at all, and that’s why I’m having such-and-such a problem? Hah. I have been inspired to track and make public my progress in particular by the book Bringing Light to Shadow by Patricia McConnell and the blog Fearful Dogs by Debbie Jacobs.

I love my dog and I want him to be happy and not suffer through stressful, even terrifying situations. Por eso, I avoid inviting guests to my house. I avoid talking to people on the street, I avoid the dog park, I avoid busy streets period. I avoid sweeping or vacuuming with the dog in the room. I avoid using his harness, until I can counter-condition him to it.

It isn’t easy to have empathy or be patient. However, as I have learned through work with my dog and reading and hearing the little wisdoms of others, it is so important to slow down and not be greedy in our progress, lest we blow it all. I wanted  a dog that I could compete in agility with, and connect with people on the street over. Instead, I found a passion and a career.

Wow. I think this blog is going to be really helpful. I feel good.


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