About PNUT

PNUT is a stinky dog, like every other dog, except some dogs who just got out of the bath.

I adopted him during the last week of April in 2013, a week before moving to a different part of town. He was very fearful when I first got him, and would pee uncontrollably if I approached him in the hallway or otherwise cornered him or went to pick him up. I remember coaxing him to walk along behind us when we picked him up from his old house, using plain kibble. And sitting outside a mall, cross-legged with him shivering in my lap. A picture from the cab ride home documents the ill-fitting head-halter that he was wearing. He slept alone in the bathtub the first night, which I hasten to note I am NOT proud of and would NOT advise. It was truly a cruel thing to do to such a scared dog.

This is getting a bit too detailed, I will have to put up a blog post explaining his history. The point is that I have a fearful dog who reacts aggressively in many circumstances. I am lucky that he does not have a bite history, but he has quite the growl and bark history, and a large portion of my life is now gobbled up by learning about dogs, fear, and the process of learning. I am dedicated to helping my little pnut feel comfortable around new people, objects, and dogs, by using force-free positive reinforcement training and a lot of desensitization and counter conditioning, or ds/cc as you may see it called.

pnut stats:

Age: almost 4, or maybe almost 3, but probably almost 4

DOB: August (I decided 15, because I don’t actually know) 2010 (or maybe 2011)

Identifying characteristic: Tattoo in left ear

Hates: most everything, including vacuums, brooms, spray bottles, rain, snow, cold, strangers, dogs, his old head harness, his new normal harness, children, clothing, nail trims, brushing, electric razors, toothbrushing, the vet, not being able to chase rabbits

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier X Miniature Pinscher


Toy: his orange whistling Chuck-It ball (doesn’t whistle when I, the wimp, throw it)

Outfit: birthday suit

Activity: race across huge grass fields, barking crazy rRARH! bark and grabbing mouthfuls of grass as he bounds along; pursuit of orange ball is blissful addition


I love him. He is so speedy, in the brains and in the brawn.




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