Water is Sweet But Blood is Thicker

Where to begin?

Dogbean was supposed to go to the vet tomorrow morning, be done with his antibiotics and the cone, but no. That would be too easy. So this morning he got up from my lap and there was a thick line of blood all down my leg! Yesterday I noted that his scab seemed like it was going to come off, and when I got a closer look I realized the scab was nearly being popped off because the area was swollen. We went to the vet this morning, got an additional week of antibiotics, and now steroids for two weeks.

The biggest reason I am irritated about this is that it’s nearly impossible to feed him treats while walking when he has this cone. That in addition to him being not very willing to walk at all, means my opportunities for counter conditioning are severely restricted. Yesterday I looked into force-free trainers in the area because I was starting to feel so stumped and overwhelmed, like I am not making any progress with him. It really does feel like I am not making any progress with him. And this summer was supposed to be my chance to turn everything around for us, so that we could have a wonderful next year at school, hanging out with all our dog and people friends.

However, I took him out for a walk tonight because he was rather hyper, and it didn’t feel quite as bad. This makes me think that perhaps one shorter walk at a less busy time would be most beneficial; maybe I have been overwhelming him with so many triggers in a day.

He has been eating only duck and sweet potato (and pills) for a couple of days now, and the potential of undiagnosed food allergies is so incredibly stressful. I don’t know what to do, and I really do not want this anal sac issue to continue/return. If I continue feeding sweet potato and duck, I have to add a specialized supplement, and keep it up for 2 to 3 months before I can begin adding in anything. I don’t know if he even has allergies at all to anything – he did do a fair bit of licking (before the cone), but his skin and coat are generally quite nice and he doesn’t itch particularly much. I am considering trying out a new kibble – limited and novel ingredient, and high fat. Limited novel ingredient basis obviously in case of food allergies, and high fat so that they are delicious and therefore motivating enough to use for training. I am confused and I hate decisions. I have three dog nutrition books screaming at me, one I ordered, one from the public library and one on lend from the vet. It must be nice to be not scientifically minded, and just believe anything you hear on TV or read on the internet. I have trouble trusting “experts”, I am so skeptical!

Are you supposed to conclude these things somehow? I hated essays in high school.


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