36 hours without peeing?!

To the best of my knowledge, a solid 36 hours have now passed since pnutbuttercakes last expelled any of the contents of his bladder. I find this hard to believe, and expect that him having peed in the night, or somewhere without my noticing, must be far more likely. In an case, I do hope that he pees soon.

He has attempted to bite me* three times now when I had a paper product near his face while it was trapped in the cone. This is surprising, given that he normally has no problems with these items. In fact, he, like many other dogs, quite enjoys eating tissues, dirty or clean. Why in the world would you let this happen three times?! you ask. Why didn’t you stop and counter condition after the first time, or if not then, for pete’s sake after the second, surely it was obvious then! you exclaim. Well, d’oh. I don’t know. I was feeling tough love I guess, but there is no excuse for exposing him to something so upsetting. He has never snapped at me, not since the very first day that I met him.

I find myself frustrated and hurt when he squirms, jumps away, or snaps at me. I should know that (in some cases, not this tissue situation) causing him discomfort is unavoidable, though it can and should be mitigated if at all possible with cheese and other edible delights. And I most certainly should not have continued to shove tissues in his face. What was I thinking?! How awful. It certainly makes me thankful though, that I opted to muzzle him in the vet’s office.

Tomorrow I will counter conditioning him to having tissues and paper towels near his face and used on the cone. I expect this to take one day. However, I recognize more and more lately the importance of proceeding very slowly and staying where the dog is comfortable. I notice that he really does proceed faster when I proceed slower (clear as mud, I know). Therefore, I will keep him below threshold; that is, I will keep the scary paper products far enough away that he does not feel panicked or threatened at any point. If he snaps, I am far far too close.

Overall, taking care of this sick dog who probably feels like bleep is making me similarly feel like bleep. It is draining and so upsetting. I hate to see him in pain, I hate to cause him pain, and I greatly dislike keeping an eagle eye on the location of his rear end to make sure a blanket is between it and any other surface. I must work hard to have patience and empathy; it is all too easy to respond in anger.

Oh, also? He can push the collar down is neck by bashing into walls or the ground, and then reach his bum to lick it. These e-collars are appallingly ineffective.


* I say “attempted to” loosely, because if he wanted to bite me, he would bite me. What he was really doing was warning me that if I continue, he might bite.


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