Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs and they break the third second tenth whatever wall and ask readers for their opinions or experiences, I think things like “Ugh, why do you need other people’s approval?” or “What a doof, nobody has commented!”.

Fast forward to when I start my own blog: I too am asking for reader input! Wow, turns out life isn’t just a popularity contest – It is about building connections and having community too. If one person responds, I will be happy. (If more than five, I might become intimidated. Hah.) Or if nobody responds, I will still be happy, because this is my space to express myself and keep track of dogress in my life. It is neither an advertisement nor an application for anything. (AAAAAA) (A’s Anonymous) (Somebody needs to go to bed)

I have often felt that people who speak up in class discussions are kiss-ups or weirdos who don’t understand the social rule that thou shall not speak aloud in class. I am beginning to think I am the weirdo with the highly flawed thinking here. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 😉


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