I wish I had a picture uploaded…mi pobrecito is wearing his second cone of shame of the day. Que terrible! He could reach around the first e-collar but by the time I realized, the vet’s office was closed so I had to go somewhere else and pay for a second one. Urgh. He won’t walk anywhere and still has only peed once today, early this morning. It is now almost 11pm!

Long story short, he had an abcessed anal sac (sometimes referred to as an anal gland) which burst, and he was bloody and licking it like crazy. I called first thing this morning and we got in for 3pm; I was so incredibly nervous. It took a lot of effort and recalling of happy memories to not cry on the way there. Treatment in the vet’s office involved a shot of painkiller and some weird jelly stuff rubbed on his bum. Also, a muzzle, and lots of vomit on the floor. Vomit is apparently normal after getting the painkiller. He began panting (also related to the painkiller), and had hugely dilated pupils and stress wrinkles around his mouth (is “stress smile” a term commonly in use? ’cause that’s what he had), both of which I had never seen on him before. He seemed…spaced out. What a terribly stressful day for him šŸ˜¦

Home treatment includes two weeks of 24/7 cone, painkiller 1X a day and antibiotic + bum bath 2X a day. I had to have my Mom restrain him while I did the bum bath. Oh it was so awful; I could never be a vet, or pediatric medical personnel. But my Mom reminded me that she had to restrain a screaming a kicking me for eye drops as a child, and that I quickly forgave her. I still hate eye drops. I think eye doctors probably hate me. What were we talking about?

Oh, dog. He wouldn’t eat for most of the day, until around 8 he allowed me to hand feed him kibble one by one. The worst part of this whole thing is clearly going to be applying the chemical laden cloth to his wound every morning and night. I cannot believe how incredibly squirmy he is and how tightly he can hold his tail down. I feel like such a cruel ash hat, but I think it is probably really important. I want to get some kind of heating pad that can stay heated all the time that he could have access to, to sit on/press his own rear end against instead of me having to forcibly apply it.

Definitely going to get them expressed by a vet tech if I ever ever see him scooting again…I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, just tried to get him to stop. Ah how I regret this! šŸ˜¦ Not only did I screw myself over this time by letting it get so far, but I have effectively punished bum dragging such that he does not often engage in it anymore.

In other news, I was super pleased with the vet I saw. In fact, I was so impressed that I wrote reviews for two websites promoting her! I am going to copy some of that here because I want y’all to hear ye hear ye.

“Dr. Jodie Wilson was just incredible! I was so amazed at how understanding and knowledgeable she was about interacting with fearful dogs.
She suggested that we muzzle him but did not insist; I respected that very much. I agreed that though he has never bitten, I would feel more comfortable with him wearing it.
Dr. Jodie Wilson explained what she wanted to do as a treatment plan, why each of the elements were useful, and how much it would cost. [I have been to vet and doctor visits where I just feel like an idiot and like I am getting sent home with some magical pixie dust that cost an arm and a leg and I would never have agreed to purchase, had I known what I was getting into. So this was amazing.]
She also said that any time I want to come in and get a couple of treats so that he can begin to change his mind, I should feel free to do so! (And she was understanding when I said that he wasn’t there yet. Wow!)[Also, I have read so many times that this should be done. Also, Debbie Jacobs of Fearful Dogs Blog fame has managed to make the vet a not 100% awful place for her extremely fearful dog, Sunny; I am at a loss as to how she managed this. Also, also also.]”

Things in square brackets were not in my published reviews. I can’t explain how validated I felt when the vet commended me for knowing so much about fear reactivity in dogs. She said something along the lines of “It’s so great, it sounds like you’ve really spent a lot of time and dedicated yourself to learning about behaviour and helping this dog.” I just wanted to melt in satisfaction for finally having found someone who thinks what I know is useful and correct!! WOO! To my amazement, she offered to refer me to a veterinary behaviourist who could help me make a plan and carry it out. I declined because I don’t want to spend $250+tax (estimated) to hear someone explain counter conditioning to me. Not that I want to insult veterinary behaviourists. Although I did hear that a bunch of them banded together to write a really crappy uncoordinated inaccurate book full of contradictions (hint hint to anyone out there who hears of this book and considers buying it…don’t).

The cherry that broke the camel’s back – pnut has gained 1.6kg since his weigh-in last year. That is a whopping 32% increase in body weight. Appalling! I always obsess about whether he is getting too fat or too skinny. I thought he was so handsome – I guess not! Overweight-ity can be a contributor to anal sac problems, so we need to fix this right away. No more table scraps, fatty!

Totally unrelated: I never watch soccer, but being friends with all the Colombians has encouraged me to follow the World Cup. After watching a couple of soccer matches, the NHL play-off game paled in comparison! Surprising. I thought I was married to hockey. I guess this makes me a bad Canadian eh?


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