Short and Sweet

…were today’s walks. I am amazed at how common fearful dogs are (totally unrelated to our walks).

We saw a dog from a distance, and some people here and there, and a bike passed us by at close quarters. A lady was coming towards us on the narrow pathway, so pnut sat and I stuffed him with treats until she was gone. It was a bit much for him, he was visibly anxious about it and slightly reluctant to take the treat as she was directly beside us, but he did continue eating. He had a hard mouth a couple of times today. I feel that though the walks were short in time, they were not short in content. I have increased the size of the morsels that I provide for counter-conditioning, because chintziness is no way to change bad feelings.

In other news, I wish I had a friend my age who was equally obsessed with science-based cruelty-free behaviour modification and lived nearby and had a dog they were working with. Not sure where to look for said dream amigo.


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