Sorry, we are in training

Walk 1: Went back to the mall because it was nice and early, I figured there wouldn’t be too many people around. It was good, but a bit overwhelming towards the end. I don’t think I should have stopped to break up treats. We need to keep moving! Moral of the story: take big treats on neighbourhood walks where triggers are likely to be far apart, but portion ahead of time for cc in busy areas. The Vitality Jerky Bar treats are incredibly stinky – I wash my hands with a big ol’ glob of grapefruit soap which d’habitude leaves my hands sweet and fresh smelling, but not after handling these stink bombs! But he likes them and they’re nice and big, so stay they will.

Triggers: several people in motorized scooters, a toddler and mom, a few people here and there, and someone who commented on his cuteness, to which I awkwardly responded ‘Heh heh, sorry, we are in training,”. This apology and explanation were entirely unwarranted, as she evidently did not intend on approaching us, but was instead simply walking past. Next time, just say thanks.

Walk 2: A rushed trot around the neighbourhood in between the second and third periods of the 4th game in the NHL final round LA vs NY (spoiler: NY won this elimination game, thus evading elimination!). We walked out of the house as a man slooowly walked by, singing in the wavering style of (what I know as) traditional-ish Chinese music. Pnut was not impressed. He is currently trying to dig a hole to China starting through my bed. We also passed several delicious (read: disgusting) morsels, one of which was outside a house with a cat in the doorway and someone inside commenting “Oh, he must smell the chicken!”. Lady, if all he wanted was the food inside your house, and he was being that insistent about it, do you think we would ever get anywhere? Nuh-uh. Then we passed two ladies chatting. Shortly afterwards, we passed an elderly Asian couple shuffle-jogging. Again, pnut is significantly more nervous around Asian people. Last was a yard containing three guys playing basketball. Then home! Where mis padres me preguntaron whether the dogbean barked at anyone. Why, no, I replied. Funny how treats will do that. My Mother scorns my doling-out of treats at the appearances of triggers. It takes an internal deep breath to not shoot off about why this or that or how she is so something or how I feel that nobody values or respects my passion or knowledge. But, they don’t value or respect my passion or knowledge, so best to just zip it.

I don’t think dogbean barked at the door at all today! If at all, only one quiet little bark I think it was. More dedicated practice is still needed. I fantasize about him being able to “Do as I do”, but there are bigger fish to fry at the moment.

Tomorrow I pick up my friend. And then my friend and I pick up her dog. Woo! Dogs all around. Then I will watch the first World Cup game at 1pm, and Friday morning I will return to the shelter to walk dogs. Dogs and sports!


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